Should You Use a Sat Nav For Motorcycle Riding?

Should you use a motorcycle GPS system

Ah, the great debate. No, not the Shapley–Curtis Debate from the 1920s, but the discussion as to whether or not a satellite navigation system is worth it for motorcyclists. Would you sacrifice perfect navigation for an adventure? Is losing your internal compass worth it for the benefits that go along with assisted navigation?

Satellite navigation systems are a no-brainer for work-related commutes, but joyrides on a motorcycle, well, that’s up for debate. The community is split, but we are here to shed a bit of light.

Some motorcyclists prefer to take a quick peek at google maps, and then wing it from there. Others, like myself, prefer to use the motorcycle GPS systems on their entire ride. By using one, you sacrifice the ability to truly explore, but gain the ability to find places you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Benefits of Using Sat-Nav

The benefits of using a GPS while riding around new areas on a motorcycle are pretty self-explanatory. If you need to get someone specific and be there on time, your best bet is to use the help of one of these little gadgets.

The following are the key benefits of using GPS navigation system:

  • You’ll rarely get lost
  • Easily find essential stops, like gas stations and hotels
  • Accurate ETA
  • Get notified of exciting stops along the way
  • Track your routes for future reference

Yes, the benefits of using a GPS while on a motorcycle are pretty obvious, but they aren’t without their drawbacks as well.

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Pitfalls of Using Sat-Nav

  • Lost sense of direction over time
  • Less adventure
  • Can be a headache if they don’t work properly

We have all been there; you’re cruising along, hitting all the best twisties when all of the sudden you find yourself having taken a wrong turn. Now, usually this isn’t that huge of a deal, but if you’re an avid sat-nav user, this can be worrisome.

Studies show that increased use of GPS leads to a decreased level of a natural sense of direction. Over time, riders can become so accustomed to using this bit of technology and forget how to navigate without it. Being so reliant on a GPS means that if you get lost, and you don’t have your GPS, you could be in big trouble.

As with anything, a satellite navigation system comes with benefits and drawbacks. The decision of whether to use one or not is ultimately up to you. Either way, remember to enjoy the journey.

Do you use a sat-nav when riding? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below!

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