This Smart Helmet Is Helping Keeping Motorcylists Safe

Cross helmet

For years, the motorcycle helmet has only had one job: to protect your head from impact during a crash. However, with advancing technology, the new doors of opportunity are opened for the modest motorcycle helmet.

The Cross Helmet 360 is an incredibly innovative helmet, that aims to combine technology and safety to create the ultimate riding companion. It brings together the need for a simplistic helmet and one that is designed to keep the rider safe. By utilizing some of the most modern technology, this helmet brings that dream to life.

When it comes to riding, some people would argue that simpler is better. These people aren’t wrong, but when technology can help keep you safe, you may want to consider changing your views.

The Technology

The Cross Helmet 360 features innovative technology that helps keep riders more aware of their surroundings, and ultimately safer. It features a rear-facing camera and heads up display. This allows the rider to have a 360-degree view of their surroundings at all times.

Initially, the design team for this helmet tested their designed in a very basic fashion. They strapped a camera to the back of a traditional, half-face helmet to test the functionality of a camera and heads-up display combo. To their surprise, their idea worked flawlessly.

After the initial proof of concept begins the long road to designing a beautiful, innovative, and affordable helmet.

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After all, if a helmet is so hi-tech that it’s too expensive for the average consumer, it’s pretty pointless.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was integrating all of the electronic features into the helmet. Generally speaking, motorcycle helmets do not contain much technology, so in order to include everything they needed to make their design work, they had to start from scratch.

The ultimate end product is a gorgeous, relatively affordable, technological wonder that will help keep motorcyclists more aware of their surroundings and ultimately save lives.

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