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The Riders Market features reviews and buyers guides by riders, for riders. We pride ourselves on testing and evaluating each and every product we feature to provide you with the most in depth, accurate reviews to help you choose the gear that’s right for you. Choosing the right gear for you isn’t easy, but we are here to help. Our team of motorcycle enthusiasts have come together to give you the leg up in figuring out the motorcycle gear that's best for you.

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Our approach to finding the best motorcycle gear is simple:

  1. We see what other people are saying about the products we feature . We take into account the reputation of the brand, and the consistency of the customer reviews.
  2. We test the products
  3. We give our feedback

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Before buying blindly, check out our recommendations and buyers guide to help make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. Our team consists of motorcycle enthusiasts, who are passionate not only about the open road, but about spreading the word about the gear thats worth your money. We are not paid to endorse any particular product! Our reviews are real, our opinions are unbiased, and we stand by our recommendations.

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