How To Install a Motorcycle Stereo System

Buying a motorcycle stereo system can make cruising, commuting, or joy riding on your bike much more enjoyable. So, rather than ride around town in silence or uncomfortable headphones, get yourself a motorcycle stereo system and follow this guide on how to properly install it!

Step 1: Get a Compatible Stereo

This should go without saying, but not all motorcycle stereos fit every motorcycle. Before you go buying the first thing you find online, make sure it fits your bike!

Also, make sure you get a system that is compatible with the style of riding you do.

Do you need waterproof speakers because you commute or go on long rides? Or is that less of a factor because you only go in nice weather on the weekends?

Do you want Bluetooth, or would you prefer a wired connection?

These are the types of things you need to consider when picking out the right stereo system for your bike.

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Step 2: Bolt or Strap It Down

Most aftermarket stereos come with details instructions, but if you got a set second hand, you might not have that available.

Get some rubber bands to tape and sit on your bike. Position the speakers how you want, temporarily securing them with bands or tape. Play some music and make sure you like the balance of sound you get from the saddle.

Once you've figured out the best placement, use any included hardware to attach the speakers. If you don't have anything to secure the speakers with, you may need to get a little creative.

If you don't have what you need, you can pick up a pair of tube clamps and line the inside with soft tape. You will be able to mount these to your handlebars fairly easily.

You can also go the option of using a strong adhesive (like what you use to connect a GoPro mount), and mount the speakers that way.

Step 3: Make The Connection

If you have battery-powered Bluetooth speakers, this won't be an issue. However, if you have a pair of speakers that needs a power source to work, you can run a wire to your motorcycle's battery.

Make sure everything is watertight, and be careful you don't disturb any existing wiring.

Step 4: Test Everything

If you connected all of the wires properly, this should be the last step of your setup.

It's not enough that the speakers work, you also need to make sure you have adequate access to all of the controls, so you don't find yourself struggling while riding.

If everything checks out, you now have installed your very own set of motorcycle speakers and are ready to ride!

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