How To Charge Garmin GPS At Home

Your Garmin GPS unit comes with internal lithium-ion batteries that allow it to operate for up to 4-8 hours without being connected to a power source while navigating.

The amount of time your Garmin GPS battery lasts on your ride is dependent on things like your screen brightness and extra feature usage.

If you're concerned about getting your GPS device charged up before your trip, here's the best way to get it charged while at home.

3 Ways To Charge Your Garmin

All in all, there are three ways you can charge your Garmin GPS device, two of which can be done while at home and not on your motorcycle or in your car.

Car charger method

This is the least effective method if you want to charge your device while at home. It requires you to go out to your car or motorcycle, turn it on, and let the vehicle's battery charge your device. We don't recommend this unless you're actually on the move.

To do this, you're going to need the included cigarette/car charger end.

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AC power cable method

Insert the small end of the AC power cable into the back or side of your Garmin GPS, then plug the other side into the AC power cable and plug that into a wall outlet.  You can use this port to connect a USB cable directly to an AC adapter and to your wall outlet.

This is the fastest way to charge your Garmin GPS at home.

USB power method

The last way to charge your GPS at home is to use the same port as the AC power method, but instead of adding the AC adapter, you can plug your GPS device directly into a USB port of your computer, or wall if your home is set up with USB ports integrated.

Closing Thoughts

Charging your Garmin GPS device isn't rocket science. In fact, with the right cables anyone should be able to do it. If you're still having trouble getting your GPS device charging, you likely have a hardware issue and should contact Garmin directly.

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