Best Motorcycle Rides in Florida You HAVE To Try

Best Motorcycle Rides in Florida

Florida is one of the most beautiful areas to ride a motorcycle. If you live here, you know that the state is known for its year-round riding climate and a fair share of motorcycle-centric events.

If you're passing through Florida, or are on an extended stay, here are a few of the top motorcycle roads and events to get out and see.

Top Motorcycle Events in Florida

Bike Week:

Bike week is arguably one of the top motorcycle gatherings in the country, making it a surefire destination if you're in Florida around the time it's going on.

Bike week is held every year in Daytona Beach. Around 500,000 bikers make their way to the event every year to see everything this 10-day bike event has to offer.

You don't need to plan to stay all days, but make sure you check the schedule for specific events you'd like to see and be prepared for traffic. While the drive to the beach is beautiful, once you get around the area of bike week, it's generally stop and go.


Another nationally recognized motorcycle event held in Florida is Biketoberfest. This event is very similar to Bike Week, in that it's in the same location and draws in a similar size crowd.

However, Biketoberfest is generally held in October, making it overall better weather by Florida standards.

Top Motorcycle Roads in Florida

If events aren't your thing and you want to get the relaxing feel of riding solo on some of the most beautiful motorcycle roads Florida has to offer, check out these awesome riding spots.

US Route 1 (To Key West)

If you have time to kill and want a gorgeous beach-front scenic ride, US Route 1 is the place to go. This road runs from Georgia all the way down to Key West, and has a bunch of great beachy views of the state.

The road itself is fun, with a few twisties along the way. However, the best part of this road is the 7 mile bridge to get into the Keys. Make sure you're gassed up because once you start, you can't turn back around until you get there.

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Tamiami Trail

Another great and long road in Florida is the famous Tamiami Trail. This road stretches from Tampa all the way to Miami, making it a great connection between two beautiful beach meccas.

This road is a great way to see beaches and Florida wildlife once you get near the everglades areas further south.

North River Road

North River Road is considered one of the most beautiful motorcycle roads of South Florida by just about anyone you ask who has been on it. The road is an easy ride without much traffic and gorgeous fields with sweeping curves to make for a beautiful and exciting ride on a bike.

Wrapping It All Up

Being a Florida native, I love my state and realize its an excellent place to live if you ride a motorcycle. For those who aren't fortunate enough to live here and are just passing through, make it a point to check out a few of these beautiful motorcycle roads and events on your way.

Let us know your thoughts!

Which Florida roads do you think deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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