How to Listen To Music on a Motorcycle

After you first start riding, it doesn't take long before you start wondering about playing music along the way. If you're used to driving in a car, you're probably also used the idea of the radio, or Spotify playing in the background.

This is commonplace for most people, and when you buy your first bike, it is one of the things you notice you miss right away.

On almost all bikes (minus touring models), there isn't a built-in radio. Listening to music while riding isn't always safe, and depending on your setup, it isn't always pleasant either. Here are a few things you should know about listening to music while riding a motorcycle.

Check Up On Local Laws

In some areas, it's illegal to wear earbuds while you're driving or riding a motorcycle. Before you put the headphones in, read up on the laws of the area you're in to make sure its something that's allowed.

In the USA, the laws vary by state. In some states, its completely illegal to wear any sort of headphones/headset, while others have no laws prohibiting it whatsoever. 

Check up on your local laws here:

Get Motorcycle-Friendly Gear

It may be tempting just to throw on a pair of headphones under your helmet or strap a Bluetooth speaker to your handlebars, but that's not the most effective or safest way to listen to music while riding.

If you're on a sportbike and wear a full-face helmet, you can invest in a Bluetooth headset that allows you to stream music from your phone. Most of these devices have large dials that attach to the outside of your helmet that can be easily accessed even with gloves on.

If you don't normally wear a full-face helmet, you can either opt for a motorcycle stereo system or a Bluetooth speaker designed for half helmets.

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Set Your Playlist Ahead of Time

Once you have the right gear, put together a list of songs you know you'll like before you start riding. Trying to change songs while riding is dangerous, and can be incredibly distracting.

Additionally, by having the perfect playlist picked out beforehand, you're guaranteeing that you have the perfect soundtrack for an incredible ride.

Only Start Listening To Music If You're Already Confident

If you just started riding, it's a bad idea to listen to music. Learning to ride a motorcycle takes time, skill, practice, and discipline. If you're not already an experienced rider, you need to take extra steps to stay safe to compensate for your lack of experience.

Until you're 3000% confident riding a motorcycle, don't worry about setting up music. You'll learn better that way, and stay safe at the same time.

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Wrapping It All Up

Listening to music while you ride a motorcycle can be a great experience, and it can take your ride experience to another level. Always check with local laws to make sure riding with headphones is legal in your area, and invest in good equipment that fits your ride style, and your bike.

Do you like to listen to music while you ride? Let us know if you have any other tips for keeping things safe and enjoyable in the comments below!

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